Photo Highlights!

30 Jun

Here is a bunch of photo highlights from the whole trail I was finally able to pull off my nicer camera.  Enjoy!


2,000 Miles Down!

7 Jun




16 May


We finally crossed over the border today into our 12th state!


500 Miles left!

14 May


Yesterday we passed the 500 miles to Springer mark. Here is our celebration!


Trail magic

9 May


Emily and I are sitting on top of a mountain outside Atkins, VA enjoying the first sunshine in days. To make it even better we got some great trail magic- PB&J’s, brownies and orange soda. Yum!!!!


Happy, Pretty Feet

5 Nov


While we are working through all the sudden changes in plans, we wanted you all to know we are not just sitting around. Emily and I ran together 2 of the last 3 days including a great 8 mile trail run this afternoon. To lift our spirits we got pedicures together to enjoy the luxury of being feminine again for a few months!


Lazy days

16 Oct


After some deliberation and a valiant (though failed) attempt at slack packing through the Shenandoahs we have decided to take the next few days off. We realized we were very close to home and wanted to take advantage of time with our parents while we were in proximity. Hopefully a few days of rest will heal some of the aches and pains and we will be ready to rock the last 900 miles!


The Roller Coaster

12 Oct

Yesterday Emily and I did the “roller coaster”- a 13.5 mile section with over 10 climbs and ensuing descents. The trail makers were forced to create the trail up and over these “view-less rocky ridges”, which is how our book described them. We did a 4 mile warm-up before starting the coaster in the morning, making it a 17.5 mile day. We got into camp past dark last night and agreed it was one of the toughest days in a long while! Here is the
map with the elevation profile:



The Wentzels!

8 Oct


My mom and dad came into Harpers Ferry, WV last night to visit Emily and I for the night. We celebrated our 42 mile day and it was absolutely wonderful to see them! Here we all are after lunch today:



12 Aug

We are 10 feet away from Vermont, heading in now. Here is Jen’s pack with our favorite town treat!