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22 Jul

Warning! Gross content ahead. This is a real life event and there are many not-so-pretty facts. However these are things no one speaks of and I think it is important for planning for being ready the unexpected.

Five days ago was a bad day on the trail. It was very unfortunate because it was my favorite section of trail thus far. We had beautiful ridge line hiking on a nice open trail. The weather cleared late in the morning and the views were fantastic. I should have been elated.
Instead I felt weak. I have slipped and fallen more times on the AT than I have in my entire life. That includes my time guiding on a glacier! Every time I fall it hurts more than the last. So when the rocks are slick I get scared. We used the word gripped in climbing, and that is where I am. Every time I see a steep slick downhill I freeze. So my steps are uncertain and unweighted and that results in more slipping.

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