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Trail Angels

15 Jul

Well, I am a bit bummed and a bit behind. I had a wonderful post going and somehow lost it, so I will start again and hopefully it will be better. Jen, Bear, and I have been on the trail 4 days since our last zero day needed for Bear’s recovery. We had an awesome 20 mile day first day back, then 12, 5, and 5 mi. Short days with some big climbs. This last five mile day was what we call a “nero” day. AT slang for “near zero” so closer to zero miles hiked than twenty. We hiked 5 miles into Stratton and immediately ate burgers and fries. We will stay the night at the hostel here and then head out for a big day.
While eating lunch we spoke of the blog and are excited to get some posts up. So if you will indulge me I am going to back track a bit and speak of some of the wonderful people we met on the trail and to some of our unique experiences thus far.

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