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Alright Already!

12 Jun

Well, we are getting down to the wire. Jen reached a point last week that I had made it to about a week prior…we are done with “training” for the trail. It is not that we no longer like hiking or training, we are just ready to be on the AT. I have reached that mental point where I know we can hike 25+ miles a day very easily, so lets just get to it! Mentally we are ready.

Physically we are ready. We have a spreadsheet, thanks to Jen, that covers our miles, our drops, and our town stops. We have an approximate
calendar linked to this site so that people can estimate when we will be on the trail near them. We will update with exact details as we go. We have our gear. We have each tweaked our packs, bought our shoes, and perfected our hydration systems. We have decided what we can and cannot live without. (Examples: I need soft cotton blend tank tops and shirts even for activity. Jen will most likely carry a 0.5 lb sleep mask because she loves to wear it to bed.) We are simply one Sam’s club trip away from dialing in our drop boxes and our first aid kit. We are fit. We know that there will be a week or two in the beginning where we are getting used to the daily grind, and I am shedding the last of the Germany 20, but we are ready.

The stuff that is left to do is to do on the trail. We will have to figure out a routine. I get through life at a slower pace than Jen. (Please note that neither of us consider this good or bad, it is just where we differ.) Her “pace” for all of her daily activities is simply faster than mine. Continue reading