Tahoe Rim Trail Picture Journal

3 Nov

Twin ULA Circuit pakcs

Twin ULA Circuit packs


View of Echo Lake on the first day.


Jen and Em full of energy on day 1.


Sunset over Lake Aloha on night 1.


Day 2 morning hiking out away from Lake Aloha.


Example of all the crystal clear water in the Desolation Wilderness lakes.


Beautiful tree shot by Em.


View from Dick’s Pass back over the southern part of the Desolation Wilderness.


Trail shot climbing through the wilderness.


PCT and TRT signs on the 55 mile section that they combine into one trail.


Trail signs looking back from Barker Pass Trailhead.


View climbing out of the Desolation Wilderness.

Jen and Aggie (our tent).

Jen and Aggie (our tent).


Beauty shot of the giant pinecones.


One of our first views of Lake Tahoe.

Emily and the lake.

Emily and the lake.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe


It is just really pretty.

Trail around one of the many Desolation Wilderness lakes.

Trail around one of the many Desolation Wilderness lakes.

Emily hiking in some snow from a previous storm.

Emily hiking in some snow from a previous storm.


Our tent during the storm.


2 Responses to “Tahoe Rim Trail Picture Journal”

  1. Joe January 3, 2014 at 3:51 pm #

    Are bear canisters required for the Tahoe Rim Trail? If so which one did you use and how did you manage in terms of space/organization with the Circuit?

    Looks like a great trip!


    • emily January 3, 2014 at 4:47 pm #

      No bear canisters needed. We just did hangs without issue. The Circuit is awesome and you will have no issues. There are a few resupply places if you plan accordingly.

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