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What next?

11 Sep

Seeing as this blog is “Thrutrailchicks” and not “ATchicks” it is time to look forward to our next trail adventures!  Planning is already in the works for PCT 2014 (start date at the end of April in Campos, CA) and coming up even sooner the TRT!  The TRT is the Tahoe Rim Trail, a 165-mile trail that loops around Lake Tahoe in eastern California.  Our current start date is mid-October, which promises to be cold but hopefully not snowy.  About 55 miles of the Tahoe Rim trail is part of the Pacific Crest Trail, which will give us a nice taste of what is to come next spring.    It is also a good opportunity to remind our bodies what it feels like to carry packs and climb mountains. 

As much as we would love to say we are keeping in amazing shape and hiking 24/7, that would be… a stretch.  More like working our butts off at the hospital and then enjoying our wine and down time at home.  Most thru-hikers can commiserate about how difficult it is to keep the motivation up post-hike, and we are no exception.  We are hoping to do at least 2-3 of these 2+ week hikes over the next 6 months to keep ourselves on track and ready to do big days come April.  If anyone has any ideas of hikes that fall into this category and are doable winter/spring please let us know!