Finishing Virginia

15 May

Emily and I are relaxing at the Hiker’s Inn in Damascus, VA, our last stop before crossing over into Tennessee. It has been a long time since we crossed over the state line from West Virginia to Virginia- over 500 miles (and 6 months) ago. So it will be an amazing feeling to go into our 12th state tomorrow, knowing we only have 450 miles to go! That being said, Virginia has been so good to us. From getting to spend time with our families to enjoying the variety of scenery, it has been incredible. We have finished this last week in VA with one of the highlights of the trail for many people- Grayson Highlands. It is known for its beautiful vistas, open field hiking and most importantly the wild ponies that live in the area. We saw over 20 ponies, including some very new colts that looked only a few weeks old. Georgy befriended one at Thomas Knob Shelter and they spent an evening and a morning playing while the colt’s mom and I looked on. It was an incredible experience and here are some pics from the last week:







One Response to “Finishing Virginia”

  1. Alison Kapadia May 16, 2013 at 10:59 am #

    Wow, that sounds incredible! Thanks for the pictures and the update.

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