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69 Zeroes Left…And Counting!

31 Jan

Emily and I are still plugging away in our separate ICUs saving lives (or wiping butts, depending on the night) and taking names.  However, in between shifts we have started researching even better gear and making plans for our return to the trail on April 8th!   You would think that after several months thoughts of the the trail would have been pushed to the back of our minds as the rest of our lives took over.  You would be wrong.   Emily and I talk about how much we miss it every day and even dream of it at night still.

We are also pushing each other to stay in shape from 1,900 miles away.  We currently have a 30-Day Challenge going with the loser having to suffer the ultimate punishment- she must pump the water morning and night for the first 14 days back on the AT.  It was Lucky’s genius idea (though one she may rue if she loses!)   Bear has also stayed in shape, mainly by having to run in feet of snow up to his nose.  He has continued to protect me by sleeping by my side and making sure I stay safe on our neighborhood walks.   I think he may be getting a little too used to his big comfy dog bed and the couches though- the hard shelter floors may be a bit of a shock!

Keep checking in and we will continue to update as we get closer to our April 8th return!IMG_7218