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Brotherly love

9 Sep

My brother Mike came to have breakfast with us and log some trail miles with us. It was wonderful to see him!



All smiles!

7 Sep


The Blues

7 Sep

Many people have talked of the “Virginia Blues”, when many northbounders get discouraged about how much they have left to hike and the length of the state. While we doubt we will have that issue in our home state, we have definitely been experiencing our own version- the Southern New England blues. We are 1/3 done with the trail, have been out over 2 months, and still have so much left to go. Each day is the same- wake up, hike as far as we can, crash with exhaustion and then repeat. We are physically exhausted most days and the stamina we hoped for hasn’t really arrived. We often use the analogy of a gas tank Continue reading

6th State- New York!

5 Sep

Today we entered New York and within the first ten miles we were able to enjoy some amazing NY pizza by the trail! Then we crossed over the AT train station where you can take a train straight into NYC from the trail.