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1,000 Miles!

29 Sep

This week we began to cruise again and got some good miles in, including mile 1,000 and beyond! We are in Duncannon, PA enjoying the wonders of The Doyle, a hiker tradition that has been open 107 years. We also ate the largest pancakes we had ever seen!









Pennsylvania Update

23 Sep

So after our huge high coming off our 51 mile stretch, we had a couple set backs this week. Tuesday we had planned to “zero” in Stroudburg at a hotel to recover from our big days. However, while driving back from the post office (where we received awesome care packages from my brother Jim and his wife Sherri and Detective Mike- thank you!!!) a tree fell onto Scott’s car while driving 50mph. It cracked the whole driver’s side of the windshield and dented the car as well. The next day and a half were spent

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20 Sep


Out with the old!

19 Sep

In with the new! Emily’s got a new pair of shoes.


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Off and…

18 Sep

…well, shuffling. We did 51 miles in 35 hours. We are so proud of this!
After a zero mile day and wee too much wine on our zero mile night we decided to ease back into hiking with an easy 12 mile stretch and then sleep at a shelter. It was super nice because we were basically car camping. During the day we swapped off carrying a small pack with two Gatorade bottles and a water filter plus a few snacks inside. When we walked up to sleep at the shelter we only had to worry about our food for the night and the morning plus our sleeping necessities. Our packs weighed nothing! So after a warm meal of beans and rice we were off Continue reading

A Day in the Life: Photo Diary

18 Sep

I have already written a post about our day-to-day lives, but Emily and I decided to do a photo diary for one day to show everything we do all day (boring or not!).  We chose our 75th day of hiking and we were in NY at the time.  So here goes:

Alarm goes off at 6:15am, Emily continues to snooze in her quilt.

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Mama Moore on the AT

14 Sep


Goings Ons

14 Sep

I have been out blogged by my hiking companion so I thought I would write a little. To be honest our days are pretty simple. We get up, have breakfast and coffee/tea, pack up, then walk. After we reach our destination one of us pumps water, one makes food, we eat and plan the next day. After which we blow up our sleep mattresses and read before going to bed. It is a simple process but not an easy one. Continue reading

7th State- NJ!

12 Sep

We just entered our 7th state tonight, crossing over into Jen’s home state of New Jersey! NY treated us pretty well, including a fabulous day at Bear mountain enjoying the views and getting some trail magic. A Scottish gentleman even gave us a dollar he found, making us “professional” thru-hikers! However, we are excited to be halfway done (state-wise 7/14). Heading to PA by the weekend!




Georgy Check-in

9 Sep

Lots of people have asked about how Georgy is doing so I just wanted to do a quick post about our four-legged companion. He has fully recovered from his porcupine run-in at this point and has so far avoided any further contact with the spiky species. However, he has managed to chase a black bear, a deer, two skunks, and endless chipmunks. He hasn’t caught anything, but hope still gleams in his eye.

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