18 Aug

We have been trying to figure out how to get some of these things into posts and we are thinking that this may be the best way. So enjoy a random sampling of the physical, mental, and emotional events of our days.

Feet: Our feet hurt. My husband described it best when he said it feels as if someone has taken a hammer and repeatedly beat the balls of our feet with it. They are generally okay until lunchtime, and then the throbbing begins. By dinner time we are scrambling to get our shoes off and soak our feet in the nearest stream/pond. After which we may have been known to crawl to the tent so we don’t have to put pressure on our feet again. Also, a northbound hiker told us that our feet would widen because hers did. I responded with an emphatic “no”. We both have way too many cute pairs of heels to wear when off the trail. Wider feet is not an option. This thought shall not be entertained.

Odor: In a word, gross. We have both commented many a time that we have never smelled this bad, EVER. We actually don’t even recognize the odors we produce. Even after showers and washing all of our clothes it is simply a matter of minutes on the trail before we start to smell like thru-hikers again. Yuck.

Hunger: Wow. We knew we would be hungry but we honestly had no idea how hungry we would become. Jen talked of our day but it is important to note that each “snack” is just under 1,000 calories and while we are generally full after dinner we sometimes wake up in the middle of the night starving. We stayed at a lodge last night and enjoyed a “hiker” dinner. We ate salad, chicken, corn on the cob, bread and butter. (we used an embarrassing amount of butter and ate SO much bread.) We had dessert. We each drank a beer and had a hot chocolate with whip cream. We were both satisfied, but in no way full. We will have to seriously change our habits once off the trail, but it has been fun to eat like a teen age boy!

Thoughts: We both are deep in thought throughout the day. I can say that for me, and through my conversations with Jen, they range from completely mundane to solving the problems of the universe. It is nice to have so much time with our thoughts. I have enjoyed being present without the usual daily interruptions. While neither of us have had any epiphanies, I can honestly say that I am beginning to be able to put some things in their proper order. I am slowly mapping out a rough outline of what and how I would like the next few years to go, as well as finally being able to prioritize what it turns out I truly value in my life.

Emotions: We are girls. With this gender role comes a ridiculous amount of emotions. We have stood in a down pour and argued tirelessly in the rain. We get teary eyed every time someone does something nice for us “just because”. We both fought back tears when our new friend Scott brought us gelato and again when our old friend Mike made sure we could have a day without having to carry a full pack. Any kind gesture or word may result in a flood of tears. This can get awkward when hanging out with strangers. The other day we hiked through a meadow filled with butterflies and flowers. We found out at dinner that we had both cried a bit from being SO happy at the same time.
We also complain a lot. Even though we are happy that does not necessarily stop our friend Complaney Janey from hiking with us at times. We have been angry at the profile of the terrain, we have complained about our bodies, and we have complained about dirt. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves this is for fun.
With that being said, everyday we make ourselves laugh so hard that we almost pee our pants! We have had to stop hiking due to laughter for fear we would get injured if we continued to walk. While walking through Gorham some people asked if we were “okay” because we were bent over and laughing so hard we could not move!! Laughing is by far our favorite past time on the trail.

Mudology: We are now mudologists. We can look at a patch of wet dirt and determine its consistency based on color, moisture content, sediment, and rocks. We are no longer fooled by the “fake rocks” that form when the lighter particles of gravel and sand are simply attracted to each other on the surface of the mud. We make educated decisions about foot placement. However, many times the only option is straight through even though you know you are about to post-hole into mud that is waist high. Good times.

Answers: Here are the answers to all of the same questions we get asked over and over again. Georgy is half Ewok half Mountain Goat. Jen does not want Neosporin for her shin, especially from strangers. We are not sisters. My tattoos did not hurt because I do not remember being abducted by aliens. I also cannot account for the time lost while aboard the space craft. I remember nothing. We are indeed southbound and we started on the first full moon after the summer equinox. We cannot tell you our names for it goes against the rules of the Witness Protection Program. Any other questions need to be directed to Georgy. He will get back to you when he feels that the time is right and that you can responsibly handle the information. You will get a faster response if you bribe him with beef jerky. The more jerky the more likely you are to get a response. However, we do not provide translations for the Ewok/Goat language. We encourage you to Google it if necessary.

We are having fun and doing well. Sometimes the monotony of walking can be exhausting, but it beats working any day of the week. Keep all of the comments coming. We really love hearing from everyone while on the trail. (they may even elicit a tear) Thanks for sharing in our adventure.

6 Responses to “Tid-bits”

  1. Kellie E.B. Washington August 19, 2012 at 9:44 am #

    I love your blogs of your adventures on the trail. They never fail to brighten my day. I love living vicariously through your trip(except for the parts where your feet hurt, and other miseries. I stick to enjoying the good stuff in my imagination 🙂 ). Don’t forget to let me know when you are getting close to C-ville, and I will make sure you get some trail food/Vocelli’s 🙂

  2. Radley August 19, 2012 at 11:09 am #

    I was wondering about Bear’s lineage. Your description had me laughing to an extent that would make your present laugh expertise very impressed and happy. Thanks for that. Keep on truckin’ Ladies.

    • emily August 19, 2012 at 4:39 pm #

      Thanks Radley! Been spreading your good name down the trail. Hope to see you on next years roster!

  3. Molly August 19, 2012 at 1:30 pm #

    this might be my favorite post yet! i had no idea Bear was half-Ewok! that explains A LOT. good luck with the feet, the mud, the emo days, and the hunger pangs. on sore feet – 10-15 minutes elevated each day (after soak) might do wonders for you. prop them up on your pack while your dinner cooks. i’m cheering for you three daily from the great white north. love, hugs, and jerky – molly

    • emily August 19, 2012 at 4:43 pm #

      Thanks Molly!

  4. Dorothea August 22, 2012 at 11:12 pm #

    Awesome post. But weird that Complaney Janey is able to hike with you all, but still able to make it back to my house every night by dinner time. 😉

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