A Day in the Life

14 Aug

A lot of bloggers give really detailed entries of their day by day ups and downs. Emily and I have chosen to go a little more broad with our topics (especially since we usually have about an hour to blog in town!). So I thought I would do a blog entry for a typical day (I picked yesterday) so people could see what we are up to morning to night. Here goes (with military times):

0600: First alarm
0615: Second alarm
0630: Third alarm
0645: Jen deflates her thermarest and packs up her stuff
0646: Emily does the same
0645-0800: Packing up, taking the tent down, coffee/tea time, oatmeal and dried fruit breakfast and map checks.
0800-1030: First hiking stretch of the day. Emily often warms us up because she is great at it. Some days we talk, some we don’t say a word.
1030-1100: First break. Refill waters, snack (granola bar, fruit snacks, trail mix), time off feet.
1100-1330: Second hiking stretch.
1330-1415: Lunch. Tortillas with hummus, nutella or almond butter, trail mix, electrolyte drink mixes. More time off feet!
14:15-1700: Third hiking stretch.
1700: Break and discuss when/where we want to camp. We usually pick a destination in the morning, but at this point we decide if it is feasible and how much farther we can go before exhaustion. We like to finish by 6 or 7 if possible.
1700-1830: Last hiking stretch including lots of grumbling regarding painful feet, knees, arms, backs and shoulders. And hunger.
1830: Arrive at shelter or camp. Set up tent quickly and then start dinner. Last night was whole wheat pasta with sundried tomatoes, chives, basil, olive oil and Parmesan cheese. It was amazing! Jelly bellies or snickers for dessert.
2000: In bed for the night. Jen journals and reads, Emily often just crashes.

Rinse, repeat!

2 Responses to “A Day in the Life”

  1. Alison K August 15, 2012 at 9:51 pm #

    Thanks so much for all your blog entries! I love reading all about the adventures of Emily, Jen, and Georgey. It sounds like you guys have hit your groove. Congratulations! You rock!

  2. Dorothea August 18, 2012 at 7:26 am #

    Rinse and repeat? Come on…you don’t have me fooled. There is no rinse cycle! 😉

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