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5th state/Longest day

31 Aug

Today we hit our 5th state- Connecticut! After a celebratory dance we immediately climbed the highest peak in the state and are finishing up our longest day yet- over 22 miles!





ER Visit #3

29 Aug

Today was our 3rd ER visit of our adventure, and the 1st for me. After Georgy got quilled back in July a quill broke off in my finger. I hoped it would dissolve, but over time it became infected and painful. So we hiked 10 miles out to Great Barrington, Massachusetts to get to a hospital. I was treated by an amazing team there, and had a great doc do some surgery on my finger and open up the abscess. They gave me some antibiotics and pain meds and sent me off into the wild again ( after a night in a hotel first!). Luckily I have a wonderful nurse as my trail partner who will be doing some daily dressing changes. Fun!




Dalton, Mass

26 Aug

Emily and I are relaxing in Dalton, Mass for a few hours while we charge phones and resupply a bit. Massachusetts has been a lot of fun so far, but has had way too many distractions! We got caught up at a restaurant on the top of Mount Greylock yesterday and have enjoyed our first lunchtime naps on the trail. Here are a few pics at the top of Greylock, our favorite dinner and Emily’s 3-animals creation at Seth Warner Shelter:






24 Aug

We just got into our fourth state and Georgy immediately treed a huge black bear. After I stopped having a heart attack, we made it to camp and Georgy is tied up next to me. Hoping for a Bear-free night!



Photo Diary: Gorham, NH to Bennington, VT

23 Aug












19 Aug



18 Aug

We have been trying to figure out how to get some of these things into posts and we are thinking that this may be the best way. So enjoy a random sampling of the physical, mental, and emotional events of our days.

Feet: Our feet hurt. My husband described it best when he said it feels as if someone has taken a hammer and repeatedly beat the balls of our feet with it. They are generally okay until lunchtime, and then the throbbing begins. By dinner time we are scrambling to get our shoes off and soak our feet in the nearest stream/pond. After which we may have been known to crawl to the tent so we don’t have to put pressure on our feet again. Also, a northbound hiker told us that our feet would widen because hers did. I responded with an emphatic “no”. We both have way too many cute pairs of heels to wear when off the trail. Wider feet is not an option. This thought shall not be entertained.

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Manchester Center

18 Aug

Emily, Bear and I are here in Manchester Center, VT after a great week of consistent mileage. We did 15-19 miles every day and are really loving Vermont. The trail is softer, more obvious and has gradual ups and downs instead of the brutal ascents and descents of Maine and New Hampshire. Tonight and tomorrow we are staying at the Green Mountain Hostel, touted as the “best hostel on the trail” by endless hikers. It is clean, well run, offers a free pint of Ben and Jerry’s a day, and we have our own “Dawg House” for just Emily, Bear and I in the back. Doesn’t get much better than that! Tomorrow we are zeroing and hoping to catch our first movie of the summer- such a luxury!




Bear getting his own town food- our leftovers!


Bear relaxing in the Dawg House at Green Mountain House.

500 miles!

18 Aug

Here is photographic evidence of our first big marker a few days ago:


A Day in the Life

14 Aug

A lot of bloggers give really detailed entries of their day by day ups and downs. Emily and I have chosen to go a little more broad with our topics (especially since we usually have about an hour to blog in town!). So I thought I would do a blog entry for a typical day (I picked yesterday) so people could see what we are up to morning to night. Here goes (with military times): Continue reading