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Mount Washington

31 Jul

First view of it in the Whites! Hopefully will climb it tomorrow.



Wet, Muddy Rocks

28 Jul

Since we left Rumford after Emily’s recovery we have had a challenging, but wonderful 4 days. Wednesday we took a taxi back to East B Hill Road to pick up the trail where we left off from Andover. We did 8 miles to Baldplate Lean-To, where there were tons of people going North, South and all directions in between. We were able to meet up with Green Thumb, Tush, and AO who we hadn’t seen in awhile and enjoyed catching up.
Thursday we got up at 5:30am to get an earlier start for what we knew would be a big day.

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New Hampshire!

28 Jul


We finally made it! We crossed the border yesterday afternoon and both did a little dance and sang a happy song. Here is us kissing the state line sign!

Heading Back Out

25 Jul

After 3 days of recovery at the Linnell Motel in Rumford, Maine we are headed back out to the trail. Emily is well on her road to recovery and we are going to do a short 8 mile day today to get our legs back underneath us. We have 25 miles left in Maine and we can not wait to hit that New
Hampshire state line! We have really appreciated everyone’s support, thoughts and prayers during this rough first part of the trail and we hope our hospital/vet adventures are over for a bit. Fingers crossed!


For the Moms

23 Jul


Our moms have voiced some concerns regarding our nutrition on trail. Seeing as we eat mainly pop tarts and snickers this is a valid point! So here is photographic evidence that wE are getting our fruits and vegetables! At least once a week.


22 Jul

Warning! Gross content ahead. This is a real life event and there are many not-so-pretty facts. However these are things no one speaks of and I think it is important for planning for being ready the unexpected.

Five days ago was a bad day on the trail. It was very unfortunate because it was my favorite section of trail thus far. We had beautiful ridge line hiking on a nice open trail. The weather cleared late in the morning and the views were fantastic. I should have been elated.
Instead I felt weak. I have slipped and fallen more times on the AT than I have in my entire life. That includes my time guiding on a glacier! Every time I fall it hurts more than the last. So when the rocks are slick I get scared. We used the word gripped in climbing, and that is where I am. Every time I see a steep slick downhill I freeze. So my steps are uncertain and unweighted and that results in more slipping.

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The ER. Again.

22 Jul

Thrutrailchicks are in Rumford, Maine at the hospital. Again. Poor Emily has gotten a terrible stomach infection from all the antibiotics she had to take for her foot. We had a “zero” miles day by a stream yesterday while she was sick. Today she was a trooper and hiked 7.4 miles out to the road. There we met a trail angel family who drove us 18 miles to the hospital on their way home from a family hike. They even made room for Bear in the back seat. The people of Maine could not be nicer or treat us better and we are so so grateful. However the trail in Maine is trying to kill us. Keep your fingers crossed the last 25 miles of Maine go smoother after this hospital trip!



You’re my boy Blue!

20 Jul



Thank you!

19 Jul

Here is Emily with our first care package thanks to Detective Mike! It is like he read our minds- he even remembered razors and our favorite almond butter. Thank you!!!



Best Food Magic!

19 Jul

This is the wonderful orange some hikers gave me today to prevent scurvy. Delicious!