Four days left

23 Jun

It is getting so close!  All the planning, then all the waiting and now there are only 4 days left.  I have been in Virginia the past week driving all over the state to reconnect with friends and enjoy the last of my fancy restaurant meals for awhile.  Emily finally arrived in Virginia today, so we are meeting up tomorrow for the final preparations.  We have a huge Costco/Walmart list of supplies and food to pack up the few drop boxes we have decided to use.  We will have 11 drops spaced along the trail in the places where grocery shopping seems pretty impossible.  Once our errands are all done we are packing up and heading to Baxter State Park to start our adventure!

I just want to say thank you to our friends and families for all the support you have already given us.  We will do our best to keep this blog as up to date as possible, so keep checking in starting Thursday the 28th.   The first week or so is the section of the trail with the least amount of access and cell service, so if you don’t hear from us don’t worry!  We will check in as soon as we can.    Here’s to a fun, safe, injury-free adventure!


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